Thursday, January 27, 2011

mini round-up

the end of the fall semester 2010 brought an opportunity to place my work in a faculty exhibition. i treated the show as an experiment in staging works that employ strategies in music/sound and art. some of the work is new and some was made within the last two years.

the foreground sculpture is a song fragment. i think of it as a silent song. it's made from 1" torch cut steel plate and weighs a lot for such a little thing...kind of like the song it comes from. in the background you can see a text based work that is derived from the same song but is made from a different set of words. it is a large format inkjet print made from a torch cut, intaglio print.

this work is called guitar circle. i like thinking of it as a guitar drawing with a nod to guitar player/singer songwriters in the title.

this piece is from a set 5 actions i did in 2009-10. this one is called guitar drop duet in a & d. when i was doing this work i had in mind the early work of Richard Serra, namely the little film loop where he tries to grab a piece of falling lead - Hand Catching Lead.

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