Sunday, January 16, 2011

most songs

Still thinking about songs and art. Terry Allen said to me over the phone that songs are the same as art. I take that for the truth and ponder the meaning and construction of songs in the same vein. When writing a song I'm channeling the content and living
the words but sometimes the thought gets away from me. Sometimes the song gets put away until I feel it again. I may answer
a question a thousand times and If the question persists then I usually feel that much closer and obligated to finishing the thought or at least and more times than not, riding a slippery thought to a viable conclusion. That's how songs are made, out of the living and sleeping of everyday life. Making a song takes an awareness of the self and a proclivity in putting that into words with a melody and hook. Like Terry said, art does the same thing and yet some questions still remain. Here's a new song for the occasion: confusion

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