Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest appearance by woodcut, letterpress, relief print expert

Since I was disturbed from a post not quite a year ago I've been teaching printmaking at East Central College. Printmaking was my major for two degrees in art and I have always held a super geeky interest in it even if my art has wandered through many forms. As for teaching, I have taught printmaking for close to a decade and it always amazes me when I meet people who create a niche existence in this particularly unforgiving and most surprisingly beautiful art form. Eric Woods is an artist who has created a livelihood making hand made prints for industry and art through his business,
The Firecracker Press.
I first met Eric through a multi media project called Poetry Scores. Since getting back to printmaking I felt compelled to ask him to do a lecture and demo for my students at East Central. Eric has always been willing to share his craft, art and business with the community since I've known him and he responded as I thought he would, even with his busy schedule. My angle is to invite artists from various backgrounds in printmaking that give purpose beyond the classroom and can share a unique knowledge in the form. Most importantly, the experts I select have found a methodology that is unique and successful. While success is part of my golden rule; it's the strange and beautiful result that is most interesting. In this session with Eric we learned about woodcuts, posters, books, digital imaging, type, running a print business and working on a late 18th century Chandler & Price relief press. I will have a follow up post about Tom Reed's visit soon. Special thanks to Eric Woods for making time for my students and creating a community in print. Look for The Firecracker Press during the Southern Graphics Council art conference this March 16-19, 2011.

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Tony Renner said...

yay for eric... i read some poems at his joint last year and he made me a kick-ass broadside of one of 'em...!