Saturday, December 13, 2008

Poetry score for Nailed Seriphim

I participate in Poetry Scores, a non-profit which scores long poems in all creative media. I'm also a board member and unapologetically offer my creativity to the projects we produce. This particular sculpture was made in response to K. Curtis Lyle's poem Nailed Seriphim. The art must be titled from a line, word or phrase in the poem. The exhibition is hung according to where the line exists in the poem. This makes for an interesting curatorial take on the show. The poem determines where the work is hung. I suggest dropping in on the blog for Poetry Scores from time to time. There's lots of updates made by our creative director Chris King.

The audio for this piece comes from Gil Scott Heron's album "Pieces Of A Man", 1971. Track #4 - "Home Is Where The Hatred Is".
Tom Boyle helps on lead guitar as we do a cover version of the original. K. Curtis Lyle quotes the song title in his poem and
this gives me an opportunity to do an audio/visual score. When one asks the question "Who the fuck is Mortice Juwan Menifee?",
the scrutiny of a persons' past ensues and maybe, for most of us, there are things we'd be better off not revisiting. Privacy becomes public knowledge hence the television. Static informs the viewer that the revolution - seeking justice or the truth; will not be televised. Like the song says in the bridge before the second verse, "...and It might not be such a bad idea if I never, never went home again."

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