Saturday, September 06, 2008


Sculpture made for Art In The Park, Jefferson City, Missouri.
The use of the ready made is becoming a theme in my current work.
Car bomb utilized a real car and this one investigates the
structure and vernacular of place.

New media also comes into play. For this piece I installed a video
projector and dvd player to project a spider making a web.
The projection is shot onto the ground and can only be seen at night.

There is a juxtaposition of similarities when you look at the structure
and movement of the windmill and spider constructing it's web.
There's even similarity between images and objects that corresponds
to a rural setting. I was interested in place as context and added
the word "prison' to drive the theme. I was also tempted to finally
title a work based on the work of Guided By Voices. It wasn't a literal
homage but something in likeness.

Music, I hope, finds a place in all my work. Thanks to Christian Marclay, John Cage, Dan Graham, Thurston Moore, Lauri Anderson, Terry Allen...etc.
Terry told me in a phone conversation that there is no difference in the making of music and art. With the obvious differences of material aside, it's about ideas. Different idea delivery systems.


rick said...

I love this.
Have you seen the video the spider
spinning webs in 0 G.
What cool critters to take to the space station.

nosey parker said...

Spiders are definately cool.
I have not seen the zero G video
but I have seen spiders on meth,
weed, coke, alcohol, caffeine and
LSD...yikes! The Spiders from Mars
are probably my favorite with orb
weavers coming in second.