Saturday, December 20, 2008

sketch for nora

I gotta get this out of my chest with a sketch. The above drawing is a composite citing a Sigmar Polke appropriation of a medieval German print and a drawing of the guitar sculpture made by Picasso.

The sketch I want to emphasize is done in audio with guitar, two microphones, a vintage tube amp and distortion pedal.
I just bought a Shure Beta58A and SM57 off Craig'sList and was itching to try em' out. The amp is a 64' univox hooked up to a Boss OS-2 distortion pedal.
I bought the amp at an estate sale for $9 bucks and had it rewired and tubed by an electrical engineer pedal steel
player Scott Swartz. It's all class A with a beautiful built in tremelo!
I traded a crybaby wah for the pedal in 95' trade I ever made except for the Rudy Mays and Pete Rose baseball cards I got
for the Bucky Dent and Billy Martin cards. I don't care too much for baseball but as a kid I had a group of friends who
collected cards and caught snakes. I wanted to be on the better team so I tried to be a good collector. The distortion
pedal came from Mike Kiernan. I used to play with him in a two man
band called the Pussy Licks. We played the Venice Cafe, Ciscero's Basement and Gladstones but mostly we drank beer
and rocked my graduate printmaking studio at Wash U. till the wee morning hours. The band involved two guitars battling for attention. I have some tapes somewhere but that'll have to wait. Mike went on to play with Couch Bucket, an outfit comprised of Larry Bulowski and Sherman S. Sherman. Larry, Sherm and Maggie St. Germain then formed the Good Griefs which morphed into Sherm's Peck of Dirt after an unfortunate Good Griefs breakup (unfortunate to those of us in the audience who always saw a good show with Maggie on drums, Larry on guitar and Sherm on bass). Now moving on from St. Louis music mythology because I could branch out like a Kevin Bacon wet dream...and that ain't very appealing. What I came here to say: the sketch draws from Greek mythology. I encourage you to find the tale of Athena that pertains to her failed rape and the bastard child that comes of it. I'd like to do a video of the scene where Hermes and the other caretakers find the child intertwined with snakes. I've drawn a comparison of an abnormal megaly to the finding of the child. A personal discouragement and something I hate. Here's the sketch


Confluence City said...

Now, that's what I call a blog! Rock the form! He sketches, he trades amps, he writes songs, he references Athenian fable AND complicated modern art. Can he cook? Does he trade baseball cards? YES!!!

nosey parker said...

Who would have thought
I would put an ancient Greek myth to gen x style
hater music and dream up an unresolved video to
go with it. Something's very contageous here.

rick said...

i love pictures of peoples home recording spaces!
Do you do myspace music?
mine is under jackson pollock microphone...
i love your blog as well.......
you St. Louis boys have got it going on.

nosey parker said...

I haven't done any myspace posting.
This blog pretty much encapsulates
my self publishing interests.
I really like your music. I was
given a copy of a release you gave
Chris a while back. Really nice stuff!