Wednesday, January 04, 2006


It's simple in design but the road there was full of wrong turns that compelled me to confusion. When I found this shape I had been disgusted by my assuming that everything was discovered and built upon by time and very capable brains. What I did eventually discover was that my assumption occurred through a respectful avoidance of challenging the world built up by celebrities. When I was about to give up for the night and finish that last beer I decided that the C-60 molecule couldn't hold itself up when scaled to human proportion and this left me with no other choice but to truncate the model Bucky Fuller found to be the most stable man made carbon chain. What facter coarsed through my brain like a free radical.... did they forget to finish their last beer thinking that all content had been rung from the athletic distortions and permutations of their sober, assured and well connected minds? They may have not even tried, what I managed to aquire, through derelict reason.... autonomy in the wreckage before I went to sleep.

This form is the launching point for more investigations of TAZ sites. I may work through the same model, adjusting for different variables caused by site specificity. I may do away with calculated structures and work with an intuitive interaction with material and space. I think it's an important first and that the arrangements between architecture and art are endless. Dan Graham has interesting insights into how video and performance combines with architecture. If there's artists out there that have ideas I'd like to encourage an open dialogue.

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