Sunday, January 08, 2006

Early Model for TAZ

The first image is a rendering that could reference an abstraction or generalization of the structure of a virus. I started with this idea because it called to mind a collaboration I had with my brother Dr. David Goetz, a research scientist in molecular biology at the University of California, San Francisco. His research at the time focused on the structure and magnetic charges of proteins occurring in the SARS virus. Here was something I thought was very exciting and very true in fields of study where structure is a primary concern. As a sculptor I had also come to realize that function follows form. The "function" in terms of art is wide open. First you have to determine what you are trying to accomplish; whether it be pragmatic or not. Generally: art, by it's own nature, slides between and shape shifts into other disciplines. In doing so the artist uses a pallette of ever increasing proportions.

The second image is a truncated icosahedron. It became a three dimensional study model for the construction of the TAZ. Here we see an experimentation in materials with text refering to the conceptual and actual nature of the materials and structure.

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