Monday, January 02, 2006

Buckminster Fullerene - C60 - Schematic

To construct the T.A.Z. I went through several stages of working from drawings to models. These drawings are done on "post it notes" and reflect some of the many influences and forms I worked through. The drawing on the left (in top view), is of Buckminster Fullerene - C60, a theoretical molecular structure concieved by Bucky Fuller. He sought to create, with top scientists of his day, the worlds strongest molecule. We can see the use of carbon chains depicted by the hexagon. This would would have also been the worlds largest man made carbon chain molecule of it's time. Bucky never saw the concept through to a functioning compound but I was able to use his model to generate the T.A.Z..

The other two drawings, to the right and below, investigate an approach through the use of isosceles triangles. later I determined that there were too many vertices in this design to afford a functional or easily built and maintained structure.

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