Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making sculpture out of song...not just sound I might add. What is a song you say? There's many opinions and I'll add mine to the mix - song: some words strung together with a good amount of conviction and honesty and maybe a little loosen-up juice along with some chord intervals and a beat. Sculpture at it's basic has a conveyed scale, weight and material or maybe lacks one or more of these. It may or may not take up space but it probably addresses the topic of space as it has volume, gravity, specific gravity (a dimensionless quantity) or a measured displacement. With this juxtapose I have looked into a forced commonality between sculpture and song. I remember Ron Laboray talking about my work and making up a great term on the spot for this propensity - alien relation. Given that these sculptural letters are made of 1" thick steel, there's a measured weight. The song on the other hand can only convey weight by achieving an emotional and physical connection through a righteous beat, a great guitar hook and for lack of a better term - poetic and heartfelt lyrical dysfunction. Here's the song.

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