Saturday, March 13, 2010

Black James

There was a band out of Portland, Maine called The Mother Fucking Shit. I picked up their vinyl at Vintage Vinyl sometime in 95'. They were indie, putting work out through holes in their pockets. I'll never forget putting the record on for Mike DeLeon, his expression much the same as mine on first listen. An appreciation for a band that can fulfill the namesake and here's a St. Louis by way of Tennessee version - Black James.

You can check Black James out at the Sci Fi Lounge on March.19th.


Joebaby5228 said...

I've listened to this clip several times. There's nothing like an artist with one instrument who tears your head off to make me want to listen over and over again.

nosey parker said...
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nosey parker said...

Cool. Thanks Joebaby. Yea, she nailed it too. There wasn't any fussing with doing takes and she's real nice as well!