Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another take on Smokin' in the Cockpit + video snippet

Sometimes there are fortunate outcomes to knowing creative people. Sometimes these people are generous in themselves and sometimes they bring others who also have gifts to share. Virginia Lee Hunter, a friend of Larry Bulawsky, came to my opening with her camera. This was a very nice surprise. Not only did Larry bring his talent as a performer - front man and guitar player, he also brought Virginia, a highly accomplished film maker, photographer, lecturer and there's likely more.

Here's the link to Virginia's take on Smoke in the Cockpit: 1

Here's a link to Virginia's art/business site: 2

Here's a video short of the performance:
Video was shot by Tim Meehan and to see the entire video please visit the Regional Arts Commission gallery


John J. Goddard said...

Oh dear.

nosey parker said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck Yea, More projects soon.