Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rosenthal sent for paint restoration

Yesterday morning I scheduled  Tony Rosenthal's - House of the Minotaur, to go out for restoration. I've been using a company based out of St. Clair , MO to do all my blasting and painting projects that require 2-part paint systems.

While I do enjoy restoring work to it's original state and re-establishing the artist's intent, the main reason this process happens is because of the general public's inability to respectart. After a few years of battling my anger with the public's inappropriate interactions with the art collection I am in part responsible for, I've made a positive inroad and started a campaign to instill respect for the rich culture Laumeier has collected, it's strong direction regarding regional, national and international artists and it's unique Art Museum experience.

Tony's work is slated for return in March. We will re-install in a more prominent location to dissuade vandalism. Kim Humphries and I agree that it's original location was too remote and it enabled ignorance towards Platonic idealism. Art should always be respected, even if it's hard to understand or appreciate. It's the idea that humans are striving for something larger than pragmatism and that they're searching for answers or looking for questions. 

Nick Lang helped with the de-install. I rented a Lull all-terrain 8,000 lb fork-lift. We useda cleet clamp and strap for picking. The two other men are named Jim and work for Commercial Blasting. These guys are good. They do classic car restoration from the ground upas well sculpture. Nicky, the intern, took the pictures. I'm driving the Lull.

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