Friday, February 27, 2009

guitar actions

So i've been thinking about music and art lately. More specifically how they relate or could relate, how best to capture them simultaneously and how to employ their strengths. These
are general questions but they make sense. First I put myself in the role of an artist and then as someone who enjoys playing songs and sometimes gets lost in the sounds while physically playing. Sometimes I need to distance myself from the tactile quality of challenge where it comes from and place the intellect into the hands of a monkey.  
I wish I could do this to a really nice Strat! 

Incidently some of these ramblin's will be presented at St. Charles Community College for the SCC Multimedia Invitational on march 11 from 7 - 9p.m. Check out the other artists in the show:
Anne J. Lindberg


Tony Renner said...

hey, have you listened to the learn, artist! live score to the buster keaton silent short "the love nest"?

you can hear it at

-- tony

nosey parker said...

cool man - I'll check it!

rick said...

i love it!

nosey parker said...

mmmm yes....taters and guitars. comfort food for the body and soul. now, if it were possible to make vodka from guitars...?