Sunday, January 04, 2009

Welcome to the Hiatt Hotel

It's 1999 and you've just stepped out of the shower. There's a sound outside the door of your loft apartment on Washington Ave. in St. louis. You open the door and your dumb feet kick the crap out of a CD case and send it sliding under a church pew. A couple steps and you bend down to look...oh my, it's Hiatt Hotel.

Not really named Hiatt Hotel, just a play on Paul's name. Could be called - Animal Vegetable Girl or All The Things I like To Eat. There are six tracks on this self produced effort. Most come in at over 10 minutes in length and display multiple movements. Movements are defined by a change in tempo and orchestration. He pulls an instrument and or rhythmic element from the movement and sends it into another configuration - another movement. This is track 3, Hey Digital - the shortest and least offensive. Album cover is an original collage made by Paul. He gave this to me after I shared some 4-track songs with him the night before. Here's hoping he burned that tape. This work is complex, you can hear real instruments in here. It scared the heck out of me when I first heard it. I remember him saying he used a $200.00 computer to do this. That was about the time I started looking into digital recording and thought -schucks, if get a 200.00 computer I can do this? Nine years and 1,800.00 later.


rick said...

checking on your blog was a good ending
to my evening!
i enjoy this world.

nosey parker said...

Thanks Rick. Nice to know you're reading and enjoying.