Monday, January 12, 2009

confiding pandemonium system

Another Paul Hiatt comp. and my routine of late has been working in the studio and listening to this remarkable collection of - hardly know what to call it. I think this one was the last he gave me before leaving for Seattle. It's aptly titled - Free Range Human, Last Chance. Somewhere between a girl and a torrential down-spiral Paul's on the loose with mind altering audio abutment, layers and texture. On this one he dabbles in his previous incarnation as a social worker for the insane. 

This comp has 7 pieces. Two of them are far too long to upload but I'll share the rest. These have no titles that I know of:

Recently a brief email correspondence told of a major hard-drive malfunction and a couple projects may have been lost. I hope this is not the case and there's more Hiatt coming my way.

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