Monday, November 21, 2011

Print Trade FA11'

Finished my class assignment. For the final, I have my students run an edition to be traded between us. This semester was a class of 8 students so the edition is 9 prints, including me. I have done this for every printmaking class I have ever taught. The tradition go's back to 1995 when I taught grad printmaking at Wash U.

Flesh and ghost hands working together. A print from a record that had been painted on by Chris King. I visited the PoSco prop shop to reconnect with King and caught site of a group of paintings he's been working on with Amy Broadway. I was struck by the texture of the paintings and mentioned that I would be interested in seeing how one might run through the press. Not bad. I was wiping my intaglio plates vigorously and transfered that method to the record. There's no need to wipe as much off with these I guess. I used the same ink from the print trade edition - Orange Pink for G6 and Blue Black for Em#9sus4. The text painted by King's hand reads, "I'm A Ghost". Inspired by Muldoon's, Incantata and a poltergeist tap on the shoulder?

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Confluence City said...

Ha! In this case, maybe those inspirations, but most literally I was drawing from a game of Hangman I played with Leyla. She had been acting like a ghost and doing this whooshy, ghostly, "I'm a ggghhhoooosssttt!" thing, so I made that my Hangman puzzle. After she solved it, she drew the face I imitated in this painting.