Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rationing Doom

Held securely in a south city fortress; a muse of death, toppled power, and redemption from the abusers of power slowly unburdens itself from an artist. The work seems to cut a wide arc through ancient and contemporary history all the while and unflinchingly exposing the most earnest of man's endeavor.

In this snippet Coby Ellison see's the mastery of men as a godless enterprise as his characters acquiesce to their fictional and consorting reaper. The characters in power play it a touch under audacious as they know what fantasy can become.

I first met Coby at SnowFlake where we were concurrently showing in two separate displays. His was an installation in the Drive By space depicting a diorama of war between ant armies. Mine was a drawing and audio score of a piece called Hate Project - Car Bomb. At the end of the evening we were sharing our interests in music. It turns out that Coby has also been involved in music with stints in punk rock bands and as a solo artist better known as Debbie.

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